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Accommodations in Saudi Arabia
By Barie Fez-Barringten
Of a List o 37 lifetime venues in 72Year period
Architecture, including the places at which I resided has been metaphors of my life. They are icons and insignias of my identity. To others, they represented an association of like-minded persons and contexts. This all formed my ideal of urbanism and metaphors. Many are mnemonics conjuring the ideas, attitudes, feelings and details of a life I led in and around each place.
The account of Saudi Arabia residences is but a part of all the places we have lived and which I have documented in my autobiography.
Was there an effect on us after living in KSA for nearly twenty years? In particular, would there have been any difference between living in Saudi and the USA for the same period? One of the factors to be considered would have to be the stress and subtle impact of the differences. One of the differences is surely the strain that our every move experienced being a non-resident alien living full time without passport and no access to any due process.
Always looming over our head and predicating our decisions and reactions was that someone for any legitimate of pretended reason complain and have us ousted, imprisoned or worse.
As one adapts and understands the realities and develops the ability to survive and negotiate pathways the stress is covered with activity and initiatives designed to provide cover, escape, and a semblance of normality.
In any case, it certainly gave us they compassion for those in like circumstances in other parts of the world including the USA and Germany. Four years after returning from KSA in November 11, 1999 we still suffered from the effects of the stress and adoptions we made during that period. There were hidden health problems related to treatments, medicines, and behaviors, which are being worked out step by step. Many of them we were not aware of and are only discovering as they arise. There are no doctors, councilors nor interventionists trained to care for such as us.
Another side effect of the experience has been the place and way we now live. Our choices for work; residence and recreation are totally disoriented to the ongoing roles and mores of the context.
We have chosen to live in and amongst people very different from those we would before we left and in a life style and type housing we would never consider before. The twenty years taught us to sense different and appreciate differently.
I do believe some of our old friends and family are quite bewildered by our current choices. Today our activities are very limited and we notice that the more we limit our activities and enjoy equipoise our health improves and further adjust to normalcy.

Here are the places we called Home in Saudi Arabia:
Rahima Family Camp: One bedroom, 1 bath with small living room and dine room. Very small windows in a building of 12 units with low roof and minimum ceiling height. It is where we lived from August 11, to October 1981. It had a large central and partially shaded swimming pool with a clubroom and kitchen manned by Philippinos serving hamburgers, chicken and cold drinks all day long. It had been built as construction workers labor camp in the seventies, and abandoned. It had a giant central warehouse, which one night caught fire and burned for several hours until the ARAMCO fire department finally came. We called the guard, police and fire department and watched it burn. I recalled my watching a factory burn near Faile Street and in a tire housing project burn to the ground in Houston.
When it was over the warehouse skeleton still remained. This was one of the events, which taught us that God, not man would be the one to keep and protect us from harm.
ARAMCO’s, State departments, and other’s claims of caring and protecting were slogans, mantras and hopes; they were far from reality. There were to be many lessons on this subject in the next many years that followed.
The compound had two walls with one surrounding our “chicken coups. It had a hole in the wall, which I passed daily to get to the main gate and my bus daily. I passed other trailers/manufactured homes occupied by non-ARAMCO people. I had no idea that they were.
Others who came with us from Houston stayed in our camp while others were in different other camps. ARAMCO’s shuttle bus allowed Christina and the other ladies to visit each other daily and in the evenings we would go shopping in the village of Rahima. It was in waling distance from our camp and I bought a loose fitting thobs so I could sweat easily. Afterwards we would swim in our pool.
On the weekends we’d somehow visit and sleep over at each other’s houses and go swimming in the “hot” Gulf. At some point I fainted and could not stand up for several days.
I probably had heat exhaustion, malaria or some virus. The doctors did not really tell me any thing. By the way most of the doctors at ARAMCO would prescribe “Valium” for most any complaint.
The social life on all the compounds was extraordinary including the milieu and casual nods and recognition of westerners toward each other all over the compounds. It was exhilarating and familiar. Wherever you went ON Dhahran you’d see the same faces day after day at the same time , just like in a small town. At the post office, mess hall, parking car, and entrees, at the commissary and at shops and libraries. One rarely knew the names only the familiar faces and the types of cloths. The same could be said in the offices of Lee County and other communities where ones says hello and some odd and inane comment about the weather or the day of the week as a confirmation of being in the same context.
Bin Jumah building tenth floor Apartment:
Half moon bay had sand duns where we could see young teenagers in dune buggies, cars and trucks racing straight down dunes at high speeds. Maxims restaurant on a near by corner on King Abdul Aziz Blvd. was a landmark for us. We ate their one time and had snacks at other times.
Khalid liked to visit this place when I lived with him in Dammam, by then in 1991 it had become famous. It soon closed and reopened across the street as a very sheik club-restaurant.
It had the same name as Maxims in Paris. We knew the owner of a restaurant bearing that name in Houston; He was on Christina’s board of the German Wine Society.
Sea View Apartments:
A young Saudi guard took us many times to drive surf our Delta 88 Olds across the desert to visit various ruins out in the desert.
Al-Hamra Hotel:
Suhaimi Dammam Villa:
Sateen Street Riyadh Apartment:
Driving in Riyadh you would often be cut off by drivers crossing from the extreme left or extreme right lane to turn to the opposite side right or left. You watched for this and guarded your driving as you approached such intersections expecting this to happen.
Young teenagers could be seen during Salah time or late at night at empty intersections circling on two wheels within the four corners in tilted open pick up trucks at very high speeds and screeching sounds.
Euromarche/Aruba’s  El-Seif villa:(it was possibly owned by Prince Michael)
Khalid El-Seif referred me to his tailor and I had black thobs made.
Arieb compound Olaya Villa:
Christina was in Kitzbuhel when I moved in and occupied this villa. Before leaving Saudi we deposited our cat and personal effects with Katim, the Syrian personal manager and neighbor. The plan was he would feed the cat and I would return very soon with my Igama from Austria. It tuned out that I was there in Kitzbuhel for many wonderful months. There were two small swimming pools for this compound of about eight villas. Our villa had two floors and very large bedrooms and baths. The ceilings were very high and just right for Christian’s paintings. So I arranged all our furniture and personal effects and had her beautiful paintings hung in the living room, stair well, bed rooms and dinning room. The company provided us with two reclining TV chairs and a television, etc. Our cat gave birth to one litter of six and then later to a litter of 5. The first litter I was alone without Christina, and every lunch hour and evening I’d watch the Mother cat play and train her kittens. I had cats all my life, but never really learned their habits and manners.
It was a wonderful experience as I observed them being nurtured and trained to play, defend and combat each other.
When we were in Kitzbuhel we made a video of them all before totally giving them a way to people who answer the ad Cristina placed in the local Kitzbuhel newspaper.
It was in this villa that I entertained Kim (my former Korean secretary) and his Korean farmer friends so that I can assist them start up farms in Costa Rica; and where Mohammed visited me to help him prepare business plan to present to Prince Faisel.
My neighbors were so very kind and invited me for dinners, etc. most notably our finance VP and his beautiful Indian wife. She had been an airline stewardess and was a good cook.
National Gypsum Building; Riyadh Batha district:
This 2 bedroom, one bath apartment was kept clean and quiet in the same building as AlFoadia. It was not a place I ever wanted Christian to see and certainly not to reside. It was next to the highway so I kept the ac going all the time and the curtains and shades drawn. I was able to cook and entertain minimal guests here and I had a TV to watch videos. Mostly I studied the bible and listened to bible tapes.

Kitzbuhel, Austria (2)
I visited Kitzbuhel about five times over a period of Five years as vacation or respite between sponsors a waiting “re-entry visa” aids and medical tests and clearances. Christina was there more often waiting for her reentry on my Igama, usually after I worked three months probation period required by Saudi labor law. My first trip came after fifteen months employment at ARAMCO where my vacation was denied and then finally permitted. When I returned many others and I was terminated.
During these years we had visits from Charley and his wife, Vince and Rosa Rossi, Jane and John Boyhan, Garth Compton and girlfriend, Christopher from IBM and his family,
The last time I visited I got so used to the life there that I really did not want to return to Saudi and when I did God changed my life. It was an epiphany.
Our houseboys were so special:
• Mustafa: Indian doorman
• Kimche in Dammam
• Sunan: Thailand: El-Seif: When I came to the airport to collect him and called out his name he did not answer.
He was our cook, driver and janitor. After returning form our trip we found out that he began to get drunk. We also were missing one cat, he assures us he did not eat the cat, but it could not be found and we assumed he had eaten the cat. One evening after driving me to the US embassy, he came to collect me and was drunk. I finally subdued him and switched seats so I could drive. Later that evening I went to his room and he took a very big knife and tried to commit suicide. I prevented this and saved his life and us a lot of trouble. Soon, thereafter we transferred his to the service of the El-Seif family.
Sunan’s favorite saying was that he knows many places in the town, but not how to get there from where we live. He observed the fact that the stores closed for Salah saying that in Thailand , not only did stores not close but also were open 24 hours a day seven days a week with multiple proprietors using the space. He was a very good cook, except after 6 months of his cooking I could not feel my mouth for all the chili’s he used to prepare the food. Christina taught him to speak a little English and whatever manners and cleaning habits he could learn. He was well trained by her and the El-Seif family got themselves a good bargain.

• Emanuel in Riyadh
• Daniel from KFU who was older and only worked for one year at the school. He was never our houseboy because he had no means of transportation but he brought me coffee at the school. At my request he wrote me a beautiful poem of why he was a Christian and what being a Christian meant to him. I still have it.
• Manuel: worked in the florist shop, was crazy about making colored flowers, and colored wee decorations.
• Murthy
• Emanuel who also worked for KFU
Although we did not reside in Munich we regarded this city as our “downtown”. We’d go there to shop or just get away. We banked at the Deutch bank and our stockbroker was nearby. Travel throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland was coordinated from Deutch bank by a Eurocard overdraft account.
Aside from Munich we’d shop in other German border towns. After doing this for several years we began to realize that while Kitzbuhel was beautiful, we did really much prefer German people and food.
So we tried to find an apartment in a German town near the Czech border. But, alas it too was way over our head in price. One of my great joys was shopping with Christina while snacking a sipping from small bottle of liquors and schnapps that we’d buy on the way. I’d also buy small black cigars and we’d stop and get ibises (snacks) in Munich, Leipzig, Berlin, Kitzbuhel, Zurich, Vienna, etc.
Glenn Ave. in Lehigh Acres
Christina and I had lived in Kitzbuhel for several years and by now she realized it was not what she had hoped. So after lots of prayer she made a trip to Munich and saw an advertisement for a rental house in Lehigh Acres. She called the owner and agreed to rent the house. She called the movers and had our personal affects shipped. The mover did not leave behind many things because they did not fit in his truck. Later when we claimed and sued the company said it would not make good on our claim. She arrived at Miami with our cats and stayed with our dear friends Gene and Linda. She then traveled to Lehigh acres and set up home on Glenn Ave.

Unincorporated Lee County. Florida
One morning I received Christina’s mail in Riyadh from Florida asking me to review the legal papers and sign and return the documents for the purchase of our new home in Del Tura. I was astonished to read the title, deed and descriptions of a mobile home. I told her so on our daily tape, but proceeded to do as instructed. I could not imagine my wife the artist and wife of me, the architect, could conceive of such a thing. It was then I knew my trust in God and His best gift to me was a matter of believe, trust and faith,
I was emptying out my files and came across the invitation and contract to teach at King Faisel University. The Gulf war just ended and God told me that while others have departed my field I will send you into danger where others would fear, but you would be honored and desired. You are brave in the spirit and can do my work. I hand wrote a note of regards to the “dean” and sent it off. A month later I got a letter offering me a position. Again, I kept it simple and wrote on the letter, “yes”. I sent it again. Shortly I got a call from Dean Abdul Aziz Al-Saati inviting me to a face-to- face interview in Washington DC. He said he could not pay for any expenses, so I asked if he was not going to be in our neighborhood some time before returning to KSA.
I suspected that since he was with his family he would not leave the USA with out visiting Disney. I was right; we met and had our interview at Universal Studios with Christian, his wife and son, Mohammed.
I soon left Christina in a lurch to give a LEMA banquet for 400 guests in the Florida ballroom. God provided; and, I left to Saudi Arabia to reside temporally with Khalid Owainat in the AlFoadia Dammam office apartment.
And, then after nearly 20 years of service in KSA we returned to USA; November 11, 1999
Job 42:10-12
10 And the LORD turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.
11 Then came there unto him all his brethren, and all his sisters, and all they that had been of his acquaintance before, and did eat bread with him in his house: and they bemoaned him, and comforted him over all the evil that the LORD had brought upon him: every man also gave him a piece of money, and every one an earring of gold.
12 So the LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning: for he had fourteen thousand sheep, six thousand camels, and a thousand yoke of oxen, and a thousand she asses.

We have learned to relish regularity, repetitive days, and simplicity where every year we can be stimulated buy the weatherman’s warnings and forecasts of pending tropical storms, tropical depression and hurricanes. Compared to the weather forecast of Saudi Arabia and other places, these forecasts are the most exciting live television productions and graphics. Most of the serious predictions are incorrect, especially the ones predicting local or changing weather.
Al-Foadia’s Dammam office/apartment
Khalid met me at the Dhahran airport and taken to the Dammam office and his room, which had two beds. He slept on one and me on another. Khalid and I became great friends. I lived out of my suitcases, which I kept on my side of the room. Going out every night to buy some great Arab meal and eating on our respective beds or at the restaurant. He got videos and would stay up all night smoking his hubly bubbly and watching TV.

The Gulf War had just ended so AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio and TV) was still operating so there was great US programming. Khalid was funny and interesting. Khalid arranged for his driver to daily take me to and from the University. He was also very frustrated by being the stepson of a Palestinian Saudi whose other children were citizens of Saudi and would inherit the business. He was born a Jordanian and his mother was also not really a citizen. Eventuality Khalid left Saudi to join his uncles business in Detroit.
Bin Jumah Al-Khobar eighth floor Apartment Building
Christina wanted us to live in the Bin Jumah building rather than the other options we had presented to us. Abdul Hamid Shalaby was assigned by the dean to help me get settled. He arranged to show me various places and prices with reason of the housing allowance we were offered. The Bin-Jumah was way below the scale. But it was exactly the place we liked. It was very accessible because it was on Al-Khobar main road; it had two full baths; three big bedrooms; immediate free telephone line; street parking; and great views of the city; and a very nice balcony.

Thankfully, Mr. Jizawi paid our doorman nearly $800 for the telephone line; I had the water put in my name; the lease was in my name; and I bought the furniture from new and used furniture stores suggested to me by Faisel Al-N. and Evangelos Apostoletes. I got long and dead palm and swamp leaves from around Seaview as I had seen in the home of the Boyhans and bought curtains and had them installed by the furniture store. Later we bought bamboo and small accessory tables, shelves, tables and lamps.
We bought an answer machine; fax and photocopy machine and later Assemblies of God Church contributed a Dell laptop computer. We were well equipped to manage AIA, AIG/ME, Warden, and other business. We could communicate and reproduce books and study material.
It was here in 1992 that while I was resting watching a video in my living room I heard a thud like a plane breaking the sound barrier or thunder in the sky; I looked out and saw cars and light in the city as usual. So I soon went to sleep to be awoken by a telephone call from Christina announcing the “Khobar bombing” to me”.

The next morning I drove to Thugba where she described but did not see any thing. Later that day I drove with someone to show me the towers and the street and indeed saw the towers and its devastation. Day’s later Lieutenant Cornthwait invited me to see the crater in front and details. He requested our assistance to provide a clinically certified team of crisis counselors. I contacted various people and was able to put together of team of qualified and practicing ladies into a team we called “ABEL”. We immediately provided our services to various personnel directors of compounds housing US citizens while are registered with the central command for the next possible attack.
Lieutenant Cornthwait assured me that there would be no further incident because the entire US military was being re deployed immediately to the outskirts of a base near Riyadh. However our team and its member’s credentials were registered with the central command in its most secret files.
We often visited Riyadh and the many compounds. One such visit its chief gave us. He showed us his brand new satellite tracking positioning system which indicated all the streets and locations of the compound as we were driving.
This compound and two others we visited often were the targets of the terrorist attacks on Riyadh in May 2003.The others were the Al-Hamra and Jadaweel where we held our neighbor meetings. MODA once invited me and AlFoadia to bid on its maintenance and operations. Mr. Kahn and his team and I surveyed the site so I recognized it as it was being shown on US TV by Saudi TV. When we came here for FGBMFI meetings we had to park well beyond the concrete bollards and walk past the guards and the guardhouse to the next guarded entrance. Or, since I had a government sticker on my car from KFUPM they often let us in after inspecting under our car with mirrors on the end of sticks, under our hood, our trunk, and within our car and person.
There were two remarkable fires: one due to grease and another mischief.
The grease fire occurred while we were conducting a bible study with Zed and Randy in our living room. A sliding glass counter separated the kitchen to height window so we could see in both directions. The kitchen’s entrance was adjacent at 90 degrees to the front entry door. This opening had a door, which we had removed for easy access. We had done this when we lived on the tenth floor as well.
The apartment also was equipped with smoke detectors. The entry door had a double lock, which required a key to open, and up till then we did not leave the key in the door.
Christina left the bible study as it was ending and began to prepare her usual delicious meals. I saw the flames and rushed in demanding her to leave the room and exit. She did not. She instead took an another pot and filled it with water. I ordered her to stop. She did not, but instead poured it on the flame, which then exploded with her in the middle of the room, and the ensuing exploding flames.
The smoke detectors went off and I grabbed her to try to escape. By then Zed and Randy were also at the door but we could not get out and the buss of the alarm blared in our ears.
We suddenly realized that Christian was just fine, the flames had ceased as quickly as they started and the only nuisance was the blare of the alarm. We found some chair and removed the batteries. We huddled together and knew the hand of God had saved Christina and showed Himself.
Another fire occurred while Christina was out of the kingdom and I was at school teaching.
Evangelos came to our class, late as usual, and asked me if I knew that my building was on fire saying that as he left his house (Queen Building) just a few blocks away, he saw fire engines, etc. I immediately left and went to the site. I got in and escorted by Arab residents, fire rescue and police we ascended the very dark and flooded stair going up eight stories to our floor. My floor was also black dark. The only light we had was someone’s cigarette lighter (everyone smokes in Saudi Arabia). The floor was flooded so we waded in the water. All the walls were charred. I looked in to the open apartment to the left of me where the fire began, which gave some light; it was filled with a gruesome Grey dust. We reached my door and it was ajar since the fireman had kicked it open. We found the floors covered in black soot and flooded with water. The furniture had a layer of soot in the living room but the other rooms were clean but flooded with water. I realized that the fireman and police had soured are apartment and left. We had bibles and Christian books every where bit nothing had been touched. When Murthy arrived at his usual time at our apartment to begin his work he was astonished but got to work. I called upon Al-Foadia and they immediately sent some helpers and I took most of the Persian carpets to dry cleaners for cleaning. It took some doing and me signing a paper releasing the municipality. I had to go to the local police station. They were ever so kind and I made friends with them. I had to see them after that for various things. The fire department also came by for another visit and I had to sign a paper with them as well.
Several days later Christina returned to the kingdom. The elevator was restored but the hall on our floor was still covered with black sot and the lights were out. I had gone to meet her but she had arrived early and simply took a taxi from the airport to our building.
Every thing down stairs was very normal but when she opened the door of the elevator she thought she had arrived in hell. Still she proceeded to our flat to be met by Murthy who opened the door and presented her with a cheerful greeting, all electric lights on, every thing shinny clean, and lots of bouquets of flowers.
I, of course was totally panicked at the airport thinking every ridiculous thought about Christina but thinking it best to go back to the apartment to call Kitzbuhel and await news. Instead I am greeted by awe struck Christina and Murty.
Good God was this ever a time for rejoicing and being glad. Murthy had prepared a great feast and so nicely cared for our reunion. He always did! This amongst so many other occasions bonded us to dear Murthy and where God proved Himself to us.
Many months’ later light was restored, and still later the corridor walls and floors were cleaned and painted. I investigated the apartment where the fire began and every thing had been burned to a crisp. The Lebanese family in the unit had two little children, and while the mother lies asleep in her bedroom they playfully ignited the fire in the kitchen. They ran to the Mother’s bedroom, which was an end of the apartment, and there they huddled. When the smoke overcame them they went out to the balcony which was gratefully out side of their bedroom, closed the sliding glass door and screamed for help. Finally after over an hour and before the flames could reach them the hook and ladder removed them form off the balcony to the ground below.
Since that time the manager of the building was careful not to rent units to families with children.
Months later I met with the kingdom’s fire general at a fire suppression exhibition and conference given at our university.
I had made many photos of the damage and given some notes on the problems in the building to my dean. He introduced me to the fire chief who listened very kindly as I explained all the events of the fire and the associated shortfalls of the buildings fire escapes, fire extinguisher, emergency lights, etc. He assured me that since the building was owned by a staff member of the Prince of Eastern Province he could do little to enforce any remedial and needed work but that he would look into things. The dean and I assured him we were only presenting him with this so that he would know of the general situation in the Eastern Province but not to make any complaint, etc.
Well, within months fire extinguishers started to be filled and installed, emergency lights appeared in the stairwell and on most floors. About a year later a black steel fire escape was built out side of our living room window leading down to the ground.
Yes, it was not locked and indeed several years later, some thieves came up and took some things from certain apartments, including our next door neighbor’s whose window also led to the fire escape.
I had insured our personal effects for fire damage but according to them nothing was damaged; and our building took no responsibility for any damage to any of the tenants’ belongings.
They did finally rebuild the scorched apartment and did collect some money from the tenant to offset their expenses.
One day I saw a giant crane bird on the corniche. I called and alerted the department of environmental science in Jubail and then locally in Al-Khobar. The local office was in the form of a horticulturist and landscape architect on 18 street. We became good friends and he did rescue the bird.
When the new fish restaurant opened on the corniche they soon install d giant strobe lights which faced the benches where we usually sat and gazed after to dark sea. After a year of protest and complaining to my former students, now in charge of the engineering on the corniche, about the situation the mart’s finally changed the light s and darkened the place so that his restaurant was lit without annoying the casual public.
After a meeting of ABEL to counsel concerned Americans about another possible terrorist attack we passed by the McDonald Douglas gift shop and saw the most vulgar and garish little dolls and plaques with dirty and sneering remarks about Arabs, Islam and Saudi Arabia.

They put into stone what some bigoted westerner’s often jeer to each other about “rag heads”, etc. It was both stupid and ridiculous but the kind of souvenirs I suppose some westerners thought to buy and take home as gifts.
This along with many other such events explained why we had so few social friends and especially western friends. We just did not think this way. Neither in public school, work or here in Saudi Arabia.
On the other hand there were many people we got to know in Saudi Arabia from countries like India, Pakistan, etc. which we had little in common vocationally, contextually, etc… And yet we enjoyed fellowship and social conversations. We realized that they were from families and circumstances much like our own but from different countries. But we had a lot in common.
This facility was the one, which MacDonald Douglas in Riyadh discussed employing me too builds in 1989. I even was invited to their Christmas party and they gave me an employment contract to sign. They changed their mind and hired some employee from within the company to manage the project. This was also the compound in which Bob McCoy led a home fellowship.

Hotel Sofitel: the hotel I stayed at when working for Saudi Projacs; Meetings Rooms, Health club including swimming pool, Steam Room, etc. It was at this steam room I met a former UPM student now working in Jeddah, great buffet and food with nearby shopping for some grocery items. Barry B. met me there and took me to a ministry. We were jurors a project designed by Zuhair F. and another competition for a bank. Through the smoke of the steam room I heard a voice interrupt my conversation with My Saudi Projacs colleague calling:” professor Fez-Barringten”. When I answered the voice announced to my delight that ten years earlier he was one of my students at UPM.

Chronology of our life in Saudi Arabia
PERIOD          CONTRACT            PLACE                                        AGE           PLACE
1979               ARAMCO                 RAHIMA FAMILY CAMP   42              EASTERN PRV
1979               ARAMCO                 BIN JUMA BLDG/10 FL      42              AL KHOBAR
1980               ARAMCO                 SEAVIEW TOWNHOUSE     43              AL KHOBAR
1981                SUHAIMI/UPM  DAMMAM HOTEL                  44              DAMMAM
1981             SUHAIMI/UPM      SUHAIMI VILLA                   44               DAMMAM
1982            INT ASSOC                SATEEN STREET/                   45               RIYADH
1982            RUBRECTS                                                                                           KITSBUHEL
1983            EL SEIFFE BASIL    TAGASOUSSI/EURO             46              RIYADH
1983            LEBENBERG WEG                                                                              KITSBUHEL
1984           ARIEB                           ARIEB VILLAS                        47              RIYADH
1985           ALFOADIA                 NATIONAL GYP/BATHA    48              RIYADH
PERIOD                                      CONTRACT        PLACE                AGE             PLACE
1988-1991CFADT*                                                                             51                 Florida
1989          FRIZZELL
1990        COLLINS & DUPONT
Saudi Arabia:
PERIOD CONTRACT                       PLACE                                       AGE                  PLACE
1991 KING FAISEL UNIV/ICI BIN JUMA BLDG                     54                     AL KHOBAR
1996 CDE/ICI                                                                                         59
1997 ARAMCO/ICI                                                                             60
1998 ALMUHAIDIB/ICI                                                                    61
1999 NOV 11.RETURN TO THE USA                                             62’>”>